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LilaGLAM Organic Masking Face Wash

LilaGLAM Masking Face Wash


The LilaGLAM Masking Face Wash is the best product treatment for your face worries, clears out blemishes from the face, kills and dry up pimples, while leaving the face shades lighter, actively removes all dark spots from the face and also lightens the face visibly.

The LilaGLAM Masking Face Wash does the following;

1. Face Exfoliation

2. Clears Acne & Pimples

3. Anti-aging Effect

4. Removes Spots & Dark Circles

5. Natural Antibacterial

6. Fine Face Toning

7. Anti Sunburn


Apply on your face and leave for 10 – 15 min before you wash, do this twice a day (Morning & Night) and result becomes visible in 7 days.

PRICE: N2,000 (Our Distributors buy for N1,500)

Chat us for your Orders in Abuja, delivery within 3 days.

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