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LilaGLAM Organic Africa Black soap (Fine Skin Toner)

LilaGLAM Africa Black soap (Fine Skin Toner)

This is the perfect skin toning yet 100% Organic Africa Black soap for all Skin types, clears out blemishes from the skin while leaving the face and body shades lighter, gently removes dark spots from the skin and also lightens the skin visibly, 100% Natural products without side effects.

The LilaGLAM Africa Black soap (Fine Skin Toner) does the following;

1. Skin Exfoliation

2. Skin Moisturizer

3. Anti-aging Effect

4. Fades Spots & Stretch mark

5. Natural Antibacterial

6. Anti Sunburn

7. Fights pimples

PRICE: N2,000 (Our Distributors buy for N1,500)

Suitable for the entire family, Chat us for your Orders in Abuja, delivery within 3 days.

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