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Become a Distributor

LilaGLAM distributor package

Become a LilaGLAM Distributor in any state across Nigeria and make upto 50% profit on every sales, make over 100,000 monthly from selling Hot Daily consumable skin care products, not just that, we have many other reasons why you should #RUSHUS

1. We only sell to distributors
2. We practice modern Marketing, driving nonstop sales for our distributors
3. Free Delivery for Certain Amount of Goods
2. 100% organic & working products
2. We refer all our customers to the nearest distributors, we don’t sell to customers
3. We have a fanbaze of over 1.1 million Nigerians
4. Distributors gain upto 50% profit per sales
5. No Extra Distributor charges
6. We have Best product packaging
7. You get Vip Customer support
8. Time to time free workshops on Marketing
9. We produce Daily Consumable products

And many other awarding features which are to be available in the nearest dates.

Join the LilaGLAM Distributors train by chatting us on whatsapp here.


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