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Sponsored Post Article on our Beauty & Skin Care Blog (Pricing)

Welcome, i guess your sole intention of visiting this particular web page is with the intention of promoting your business or in search for authorized and quality leads.

Just as you see, we dominate the search engines where 80% of people go to in search for solutions to their skin care knowledge & problems, these gives you a heads up by putting your business to the face of the people looking for your service, therefore driving reasonable and valid leads to your business/brand, example of such are promoting your skincare books, promoting your Spar, promoting your Make up company etc.

Unlike guest postings which are free, sponsored ads are paid for and more focused on promoting and giving complete value to the guest poster or business in view.

We’re not going to say much on this, you can easily contact us for questions and clarifications before engaging in our sponsored post feature. So therefore below are our sponsored post pricing on SkincareDX.

Sponsored post pricing on our Beauty & Skin Care Blog

NOTE: These are articles written by yourself, if you desire that we do the article writing For you, then you get to pay for our article writing service as well which will be inscribed below as well.

1. Article of 500 words or less (images, videos and other files inclusive)

PRICE: $20

2. Article of 1000 – 3000 words (images, videos and other files inclusive)

PRICE: $35

3. Link placement on existing content

PRICE: $20

Article writing services price tag

1. 1000 words or less (images, videos and other files inclusive)

PRICE: $20

2. 1000 upto 3000 words (images, videos and other files inclusive)

PRICE: $40

Article writing services criteria

  • 1-3 main keywords
  • A hint on what you what
  • Valid reference (link or whatever)
  • Your business/website

How to Publish your Sponsored Post Here?

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