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Keys to Getting Beautiful Hair

We all want beautiful skin and beautiful hair but very few know how to get it. With thousands of products in the marketplace how do you choose which is right for you?

Jennifer Bradley Medically Formulated Skincare and Professional Cosmetics was founded by makeup artist and cosmetic engineer Jennifer Bradley. After working with celebrities and in salons around the world, she recognized a need for shampoo and conditioner that protected both hair and color. Bradley saw hair growth results in just ten days after using this duo, and customers have experienced the same.

The next must-try shampoo and conditioner duo for healthier, shinier, and stronger hair is now available.

Developed by skincare and cosmetic line Jennifer Bradley, it was created for those with sensitive scalps and those looking for products that contain no toxic ingredients. Both products in the Best Shampoo and Best Conditioner Bundle contain a hair growth and strengthening formula free of sulfates, phthalates, and parabens.

“I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner for about five weeks now and I love it,” Elizabeth, Jennifer Bradley customer, said. “I turned 40 this past year and lose lots of hair. Since using I’ve noticed less and less hair in my shower drains! Also, I am very sensitive to scents and was worried about the fragrance however there are no issues with it irritating my skin. Love how soft my hair is!”

The bundle is now a best seller at  All products from the brand are cruelty-free and made in the USA. Jennifer Bradley products have been featured on tv and in notable magazines such as People, Us Weekly, and more.

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